Créate new sketch on faces

Hello, is there a way to select a face and start a new sketch on it? Is there a way to select the active sketch?
I am struggling with sketch management as you can see.
Is there some shortcut I am not aware of?
Many thanks,

Just start drawing with the pencil. You don’t have to select the “active” sketch plane. You can switch to 2d view by tapping on any face, but you can also sketch in 3d mode.


Hello, thank you for your reply.
Is there a way to manually select which sketch is active?
Or create a new sketch?

The problem I have is as I build some feature from the same reference face, every element of the sketch seem to be grouped into one big group which is quite messy.

For example below I am drawing a circle (red arrow) on a face and previous sketch elements drawn on that face appear (blue arrow) which make it quite tricky to see what we are working with.


I have a feeling that more freedom which how sketches are managed would help greatly but please let me know if I am missing something.


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Only one image per post so here is the big group I mentioned:

We are working on more advanced sketch grouping functionality, currently all the sketches in a single plane belong to a single group.

Hi Istvan,
Yes, I am having the same sort of issues and just post similar query to another post pertains to “Sketch Management”.
It would be ideal if one could dictate to sketch to progress on going back and forth with a complex design with multiple items.
Shapr3d seem to create a new sketch every time I cope and move an entity from one sketch as opposed to grouping it within the originate items being duplicated… am I doing something wrong or is there an other way to do this?
Regards Alain

Hi Alain,

Currently each plane is a separate sketch group. We might improve this behavior in the future. If you could briefly describe what you would like to see regarding this feature, it would be super helpful.

Hi Istvan,

Thank you for your super fast response, it is much appreciated.

The sketch management and control over which construction plane the entity really belongs too is something I am still getting my head around and now understand a little better since the “construction plane” explanation.

Now that I understand the design constraints of this application, I will apply the lessons learnt and required drawing technique changes from my side and then report back to you with suitable comments/wish list as applicable, if that is ok with you.

Best Regards


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Awesome, thanks.