Select Interior Faces

I’ve created an object and want to modify one of the inside faces. (I’ve highlighted in red line the interior face I want to modify). How do I get inside the object to be able to select it, please?

The face that looks open (facing us) is semi-transparent, not an “open window” to see inside the object.

Thank you! - Paul!


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re-uploaded :slight_smile: thank you

Here you go… it is created in the beta, but it is the same situation… getting to that inside wall… I know sometimes you can zoom in and zoom past an exterior wall and see inside… But I had trouble doing that and seems like there is a better way.

Thank you :slight_smile:

export.shapr (420 KB)

I’m not trying to do anything specific with this object… I was just goofing around… but… I get to the point where I get stuck on how to do this very thing… How to get back inside an object to mess with the inner walls… THANK YOU

This is great advice… thank you so much… I need to watch the tutorials more to get a better working understanding of sketches, groups and faces… THANK YOU!