Select tool iPad Pro

When using shapr on MacBook Pro, I can select lines without worrying about drawing a line, whereas on iPad Pro drawing tools are always selected, there should be a select tool to edit sketch. Is a file system coming soon (save to iCloud not export)

Hi @johnrci3 , welcome to the community!

Can you elaborate on this? I’m not sure I correctly understand what you mean.

Sync and Backup are coming very soon!

After selecting sketch, the line tool is selected by default. Would like the default be a select tool, for dimensioning and constraining. Dimension tool would be nice.

Got it! Strictly speaking there isn’t a “dimensioning mode” in Shapr3D. You simply need to select sketches that you’d like to dimension. You can do that immediately. Does this make sense?

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Yes, still like the Mac version, can dimension and constrain and no drawing tool is selected.
By the way, Shapr3d is by far the best 3d cad software I use and I have used Fusion 360 (5yrs) Sketchup Pro (14 yrs)

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Thank you, I’m really happy to hear that! :slight_smile: