Selecting a camera view or reset camera putting me too close to model

I’ve found that selecting a camera view or reset sometimes drops me inside of my model. It then takes some effort to pinch zoom out.

I have been thinking on this, but not sure what could be a good solution.

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I have no idea what would go into such a feature code-wise, but a zoom to all or zoom to selected would be prefect, IMO.

Or perhaps a means of affecting the granularity of the reverse pinch zoom-out.

Would it be possible to have a button this is essentially a macro of a manual zoom-out?

It would be rather hard to define this kind of behaviour properly.

But affecting the zoom speed based on “pinch frequency” is planned.

That will certainly be helpful.

Zooming again. Zoom all would cover lost entities as well, outside of the window. Rhino is superb in this way.