Selecting and hiding an object

Often in the workflow, I have an object ‘in the way’ of something I want to edit. Certainly I can maneuver around the object, but I would love to be able to select the object and ‘hide’ it from within the workflow…without having to get into the folder element, find the object, and hide it there. Just a short-cut to hiding an object would be great. Imagine an engine block with a bunch of pistons within The block…the designer wants to edit a piston, and simply temporarily want to hide the engine block to do the edits — while in the workflow.

Perhaps a ‘temporary’ hide where you could select an object and make it transparent/hidden, with a ‘restore all’ button in the viewport would restore all temporarily hidden objects. This button would only appear in the viewport when you’ve temporarily hidden any objects (anywhere). The ‘temporary hide’ is an intermediate level of hiding used only from within the viewport. Unhiding it in the normal folder view would ALWAYS unhide it — force it visible.

Modeling in 3D is all about being able to navigate and manipulate objects in 3-D…but complex assemblies have many layers and being able to drill down within the overall assembly to the object you want to edit without having to go into the folder view and figure out which parts are in the way (the names of objects are almost always generic unless you’ve taken the time to name them with something recognizable). Kills the creative process when I have to stop and think about what folder I put the engine block so that I can see and edit the piston. I want to simple select the engine block and hide it to expose all the pistons while in the creative flow.

Thanks for a great product!


Have you seen this:

Click the Items Icon to slide this feature open, use the Pin to hold it open

Click the Eye Icons to Hide and Show

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Yes but that only pins the folders to the viewport…it’s the workflow that I am suggesting have an adjust to allow temporary hiding vs normal item hiding through folders and item management.

How about section view? It´s not ideal, but it´s a work around in some cases.

Double tap on the surface you want to be in front and click on the section view down in the right corner.

Another one is using the «show hidden edges»

Again, it`s just a workaround.

The best solution would be to have a focus button in the item section (hide all other objects)

Good points, thanks. We will take assembly modeling more seriously in the future, and I think this is one thing we will have to address.


How about a focus button next to the «section view» ? When clicking it , it hides everything that´s not selected.

(View video in full screen so the player controls doesn´t hide the symbols in the right lower corner.)



That would make sense, but I think we will need a more general solution for this problem.

Hi Istavan,
How about 3 choices from a quick menu …
Hide (hide selection)
Show Only (show only selection)
Show all (show everything)


We do a very deep exploration and research before we implement any feature to find the best possible way to solve a problem, this will not be an exception. :slight_smile:

An approach to be applauded, and encouraged :;;

After 45+ yrears as a mechanical design engineer, and one responsible for their fair share of overly complex solutions, I have come to the conclusion, simple is always best …


When it comes to workflow enhancements…definitely keep it simple! Let the creative mind keep being creative in the moment… the designer shouldn’t have to to stop and ‘think’ about how to use the tool to proceed. Shapr3D definitely allows this today…and I would hope that any workflow additions always have as a goal: increase design efficiency and foster creative freedom for the designer. Great product! Keep it going!


Any update on this?

How do you make that happened? Are you using an iPad or another device. This feature is so useful, but I cannot find it anywhere on the last update. Please help me.

This is still a feature request … the above posts are ideas / concepts fir what could be, not what is yet!

Good old photoshop I’m afraid. Or Affinity designer and Luma fusion to be spesific.

So it’s just a concept.

I do see Cadmio has this feature though. They call it Isolate.

I believe Fusion 360 also calls it Isolate.

I love the sketch menu on the rightside with all the contraints. Why not do the same for objects. Isolate, Hide, Lock, Show all, Backup Buttons would be nice.

AND YES Especially as designs get more complex it is crucial beeing able to hide, unhide, lock and isolate easiely. I´m spending so much time in the folder section. This is not shapr-like i feel, as everything else in your app is soooooo easy-peasy and fluent.

Lieben Gruß aus Berlin Ilija


Nice to see the ISOLATE function added in 5.1 — I haven’t used it much as of yet but first blush —. Looks to be the ticket! Thanks


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Grewat tool addition – wanted to acknowledge the good work!