Hide & Unhide Objects When Selected

Hide and Unhide when an object is selected, will save time and effort when objects are organized into folders.

At present, the only way I have found to hide objects is to do so at the folder level. This requires knowing where a body or sketch is stored. Oftentimes, it requires selecting a body or sketch and looking for a highlighted object in the list, and then going to it and hiding it.

I use Isolate very often to see objects that I am needing to see or work on. This is a very helpful tool. However, it seems equally helpful to have a way to Hide or Unhide bodies or sketches that are in the way of the object of interest.

For many years, I worked with layering in Adobe software. I was able to hide selected objects after selecting them. I did not have to go find them in their location, a layer in this case. It was quick and easy. In addition, I have used AutoCad. I recall this functionality.

Having the option to Hide a selected body or sketch would save time and distraction. Easy access to a list of items and having the capability to select which item(s) to Unhide will add ease and functionality. Distraction comes in the form of time to search for objects in particular. It can feel tedious and a little frustrating, especially when an idea comes to mind. The idea, or inspiration, if you will must pause until the working environment is set. Creativity, accuracy and imagination require flow. Hunting for an object amongst organized folders can dampen the flow.

I have considered this suggestion for quite a while. I do not see a way to implement this workflow. It is time I added my software design suggestion to contribute to the design of Shapr3D.

Thanks for considering this addition to the workflow of Shapr3D. I hope it gets a design review and then gets implemented.

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I think this would be a great workflow command to have and make things a lot faster and easier.

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