Command to show/hide selection

Hopefully this is a fairly simple feature request:

I would love to have a command to quickly toggle the visibility of the selected bodies/sketches/planes/etc. It’s quite time-consuming and workflow-derailing to have to navigate through folders and tap each eyeball button one at a time, when the app already makes selecting a swath of objects very easy. I want to tap a set of bodies, or drag out a selection, or do Select All and then deselect a few, then hit command-shift-H (or something) to hide the selected objects so I can focus on the remaining ones.

And while I’m here: “Hide All but Selection” would be another huge timesaver.

Please consider adding these!


Placing items in a folder, and selecting the Eye for that folder, doesn’t work?

Well it works, sure, but I can’t reorganize my whole object tree every time I want to show or hide a set of things. It also takes much longer than hiding the objects individually.

Totally agree here.

Show only selected
Hide selected
Show All

From a Quick Menu …



Totally agree. I would love to be able to select one or a few objects I want to work on and then hide (or even shade out like sketchup does) everything else to give me a clear working space.

Definitely don’t want to be rearranging my folder structure every time I want to do this, which is a lot in a complicated design. Just select and hide/hide everything else. Simple and quick.