Selecting from the designs page

Last year I taught myself how to use this programme I thought reasonably competently for a complete amateur, but when I actually went to submit my first design to a 3D printing company to see how it would look I fell at the first hurdle and the design had printability manifold issues. I did my best to understand this and how I might counter it, but ultimately found myself feeling a bit lost and disillusioned. I have decided to revisit the project having pushed it onto the back burner for a good few month. My plan is to work my way back to some of the early design stages and submit them to the company at each stage just to see if they are integrally sound before moving on to the next design step. Thus hopefully I will be able to spot when things go awry and identify and address the issue before proceeding to the next stage. This is all a very longwinded way of getting round to saying that I haven’t used the software in a while and I can’t work out how to select a specific design project file from the designs page where the icons are laid out in tile format so that I can utilise the duplicate function. Can anyone tell me what the trick is? Best wishes to all, Neil

Neil, it does need some planning. In the design view, you touch the word design, and rename them. You also export core designs as Shapr3D files to your iCloud or other filing method. This allows you to reimport core elements. It’s essentially “save as” when using the export function, albeit more steps are needed, vs a PC save as command. I hope this is helpful.

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