Selecting objects behind other objects

Is there a way to select an object (e.g., a face or edge) behind another object? With Onshape, the ` button brings up a pop-up menu of selectable items under the pointer. With Fusion, a press-and-hold of the left button brings up a pop-up menu. Creo’s “query select” is the most user-friendly IMO - right-clicking cycles through everything selectable under the pointer.

Does Shapr3D have this capability?


Great question, I know this can be very annoying not be able to just “Select other” to get to a edge that is behind another edge or without having to rotate the part all the way around to select the other side edge.

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Sometimes even rotating the part all the way around doesn’t work because there’s something else in the way. There are some situations where it’s either very difficult or impossible to select a face without first hiding another body first. Hopefully, the Shapr3D team will add this feature.

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