Shaper 3.3 - Beta testers wanted - (Update: Beta testing is over)


Count me in, Istvan.


Count me in. Thanks for the chance to review it.


Count me in!


But pls let us export our desired files in this beta to desired formats like stl and etc.


Count Me In !!


Count me in


Count me in


Count me in


Count me in!


count me in


Count me in!


I’d like to, if it’s not too late. Thanks!


Has anyone received anything? I have not.


Hi - sent you the invite. It seems like we accidentally skipped your comment, or the beta submit didn’t go through.

Anyway, I’ve sent it and let us know if it arrived


Thanks I received an invite, but Test Flight now wants a redemption code.

Joe O.


OK, finally got it going. Test Flight wants a redemption code, but I can still open the Shapr Beta.


Joe O.


Count me in!


Hi - the beta testing is over, but the new version (3.3.0) will be out in the coming days.


Count me in


Count me in!