Shapr 2.1 - Image import - BETA testers wanted!


Hi all,

the ability to import images into your workspace has been the single most requested feature for Shapr for a long time now and I’m happy to say that the wait is almost over.
As always, we want to bring you the best experience possible so we’re yet again looking for brave souls who are willing to do some BETA testing for us!

The first beta of 2.1 will be up next Monday/Tuesday and our hope is that 2 or 3 days will be more than enough to fix the occasional bugs and/or change some frustrating stuff that you find.

Benefits of beta testing include:

  • you can try all PRO features during the test phase regardless of your subscription status
  • our eternal, undying thanks :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, just comment here “Count me in!” and I will send you the TestFlight invite next week.

IMPORTANT: although this is not as big of a change as 2.0 was, please note that - since this is a beta - the app can crash unexpectedly, there’ll be some bugs, your data can occasionally get corrupted, etc. BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR DATA USING ITUNES!



Count me in :slight_smile:


Count me in! :slight_smile:


Please Count Me In! :slight_smile:


I want i want i want count me in !


Count in me in!!! Will be a pleasure to be again a beta tester!!!


Please count me in. :grin:


Count me in!! Thanks


Count me in please :grinning:


Please count me in!!


Hi, a little update.
Sorry for the delay, we had some problems with uploading to iTunes. If you’ve installed the version that came out yesterday, don’t bother with it, it’s not the right one :expressionless:
The correct version is coming today.


Count me in :slight_smile:


Hi, is it normal that actually there is The App unavailible?


can you elaborate? (btw the actual version will be out in about an hour)


yes, I see this. is this normal? I think if the actual version is online, my problems are fixed!?

or is it a problem that my shape login email is another as my iCloud email?


I think you should see it now as available :slight_smile:


The first beta is finally out! If you don’t see it in your TestFlight app / didn’t get an email please send me a PM.

Happy testing! :slight_smile:


Well installed beta. Open. Got this :grin:

Then app freezes, after a couple of minuts shutsdown.


Just been trying image import. Working really well. Like being able to select transparency. This addition to Shapr is fantastic! I love it :grinning: