Shapr files for purchase

I am using Shapr3D for a particular project (astronomy / 3D printing related) and I am content to learn the basics (plus a bit) to design the parts I need but when it comes to designing a spur gear and rack gear to fit I think the learning curve is a “bridge too far”. I have downloaded an stl rack gear from turbosquid only to discover I cant edit it (My fault).

I don’t expect this stuff for free and it needs to be a good quality / reliable model; is there a place to purchase good quality shapr models / files ?

Thank you

Don’t bother with STL files. Go to McMaster for free 3D files of all sorts of gears and racks. Download the STEP files and import into Shapr3D.



That is excellent advice, I can’t thank you enough, but here goes…….Thank you very much.



Do you know if it is possible to edit STEP files, for example I want to change the width of a gear which is in all other respects perfect.

Thank you

Answer…… yes you can

You’re welcome. Yes, you can edit those downloaded gears any way you want to. I do it all the time. I have a couple of std FDM 3D printers with 0.4mm nozzles and am able to print 32 pitch gears reasonably well for my use in prototyping. I prefer printing 24 pitch or larger. I print in either PETG or Pro-PLA. For gears, I also shave off a fraction of the tooth profile to get better performance results due to the nature 3D printed parts.

Yes, I edit the step files from McMaster Carr all the time.

@SgtBilko, here’s an example of one of my latest projects.

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Cool Mike. Maybe one day we’ll have Kinematics in Shapr3D!


Good work Mike.

Pulling .STEP files is a great suggestion.

One other technique I use is to use one of the many gear generators like Free Gear Generator - Design & Create Spur Gears – Evolvent Design that will output a DXF. From that, you can extrude it however you like. For some gears, this would still be hard to get to what you need S3D, but for flat gears, it works well and gives you a lot of flexibility for the design of the gear.

I have an STL to DXF generator that I am hoping to launch a free web page for in the near future to do exactly what you were trying to do originally.


Ooops, just realized this in an old thread :slight_smile: