Anyone know of a Template Exchange?

I am wondering if there is a good site that has standard templates for CAD in a STEP or other format to use in Shapr3D

I was thinking of

threaded holes - various sizes
Bolts - various size and threads
server rack spacings

I want to leapfrog some of the designs but get tangled in how to make a threaded hole, or how far to space holes o match a data rack, etc

If there is an exchange that provide more than a SLT of the file, I am very interested.

Thank You

Kevin, for hardware, I download the files from Grainger or McMasterCarr

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@KevinCossaboon I second McMaster Carr. It’s a huge time saver and it’s very easy to search for what you need. I use it almost daily.

McMaster has an app as well that works excellently on iPad. I find the hardware, bearing, etc. that I want, and import the 3D Solidworks or STEP file directly to Shapr.

I just noticed now they have an export with no threads option, which is nice to keep file sizes down and save memory. A lot of modeled threads can bog Shapr down.

You can also import 2D DXF/DWG.