Nuts and bolts in the Shaper format?

I would like to know if there Is there is a source for nuts and bolts in the Shaper format?

STL files just don’t do it for me! There must be a way? Any help would be appreciated.


Go to Search for nuts or bolts and download the STEP files. Once you’ve selected the specific component, look for the CAD Files icon. Then click download and choose STEP.

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I’ll give it a shot… Thank you. Appreciate it.


Well that couldn’t be any eiser. Like going to the hardware store. But faster.

Thank sir. Much appreciated.

As a way of showing my appreciation, attached is a photo taken from my office. Enjoy the view.



John, glad it helped. So many components are available from McMaster-Carr. Motors, fittings, you name it.

Yep… Its a great source. It’s saved permanently. Have a great day and Happy Easter!