Dimension problem while sharing

Hello all,

I am having an issue while sharing a design and hope that someone can help. I will try to explain as best I can. Thanks in advance.

I am designing several scale set pieces for a musical production. I have so far designed and shared three pieces with no problem. They are designed using feet as the unit. When I open the .stl file in cura, for example, my 8’ wide piece becomes 8mm. No problem, I do the conversion and and cura scales appropriately. We are working with 1/2” equals 1’, so my 8’ wide piece becomes 101.6mm. This has worked so far, no problem at all.

For some reason the piece I am working on now is sharing at a different size. It is 8’ on the x axis. When I open it in cura it opens at 43.xxxxxx mm not 8mm. However, it doesn’t seem like 43mm when compared to the bed, and if I scale it to 101.6mm it does not take up the same space on the bed as other designs that have been the same size. I am not sure why is being changed from my 8’. I understand that .stl is unit-less, and cura assumes mm. But why are my dimensions being changed when sharing from shapr to anything other that 8 units?

I have opened it in other slicers with the same results. I have restarted the iPad I’m sharing with and the comp that cura is running on. I have removing and re-added the printer profile. Anyone have any ideas?


Hi Ryan, thanks for the detailed report. Can you maybe share the file with our support, and we will have a look at what the problem could be. Please send it to support@shapr3d.com



Thanks - will get back to you on it in 24 hours :slight_smile:

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