Units Issue on STL file

Hello! I’m a brand new user but I’m having an issue. I created a 2” x 2” x 2” cube, saved it as a STL file. When I import the file to Cura, the object comes in as 2mm x 2 mm x 2mm. What am I missing? Thanks!

Hello, the set unit will have to be the same in Shapr3d and in Cura. Please try setting unit in Cura to be Inches before importing the body. If Cura does not support the imperial measurement system, a workaround can be to convert your units online like on this website https://www.convert-me.com/ and then export in MM for Cura.
I hope that this is helpful.

Thank you! Will take a look.

Better yet, change the units from inches to millimeters in Shapr3D before exporting to STL.

Thanks! That took care of it.

You’re welcome.
Since I’m in the US, I work in inches. Then I convert to mm when I want to 3D print something, then revert back to inches (because I think in inches). However, sometime I bounce back and forth between inches and mm when I want the wall thickness to be an increment of mm or 0.5mm solely for the purpose of 3D printing as my 3D printer nozzle size is 0.5mm.

Regards, Mike

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When I export .stl from Shapr3D to FlashForge’s Flash Print, I also was have to scale the object by 10x. Strangely one time I even had to scale the Z-axis an extra 10x. The workaround works so I am happy enough.

The STL file format does not containt any unit information. The size difference comes from your unit settings in your slicer and Shapr3D.


Could you please add this info to a help bubble or tutorial somewhere? I also had issues drawing in inches and opening in Slic3r. Changing dimensions to metric before exporting fixed it, but I didn’t understand why until I stumbled in here.

We have an article on this and here’s the link to the article: https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001796029-Why-did-my-STL-file-change-units-