Shapr3D appreciation thread

Hey all,

I just thought I’d make a quick post to say I am absolutely loving using this software. I’ve come from using Tinkercad which felt very much a Lego-style environment, where a lot of techniques had to be hacked using subtraction methods. Every day I’m picking up on new features and new ways to build in Shapr3D and love how easy it makes manipulating/tweaking your models for mm perfect designs.

I’m still using the free version atm, am I missing out by not having Pro? I seem to be getting on fine with the standard features, but I know once I’ve finished this design I’m going to need the G2 fillets and the high-quality export. Are there ever any discounts on the yearly fee? or should I just take the plunge? I kinda miss the days of buying an app outright!

I was thinking tonight, it would be great to have a basic floating calculator as part of the UI. Is that a weird request? I quite often find myself picking up my phone to work out measurements/equal spaces etc


You can always just try it for a month and see how it is. I think its only 20 or 21$

I’m hoping for something more integrated than that, i.e. adding units to a number to automatically perform the conversion and supporting simple arithmetic in numerical values.