Shapr3D "Components"?

I’m just starting with Shapr3D and am trying to decide if I should upgrade to the Pro version. One question I have is: Does Shapr3D have objects similar to Sketchup “Components”?

As a long time user of SketchUp (several hundred hours screen time) I found SketchUp “Components”. These Component objects are VERY useful when working with complex models.

I looked but could not find a similar concept in Shapr3D. Does Shapr3D have something similar to “Components”? If so, what is it called? Please point me to a reference (video, docs, etc) so that I can study up on them.

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p.s. Yes, I can use SketchUp on my workstation. But it’s much nicer to sit on the couch with my iPad Pro and let creativity flow. I.e. brain --> pencil --> iPad model.


Not yet. But this is going to be shipped in 2017. Stay tuned.

Until then, you can export your “components” to .shapr format, and import them whenever you need them.

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@Istvan Hi, was this feature ever shipped? I’m a new user, and being able to create reusable components that reflect changes across all their instances is a key part of my workflow in other modeling programs. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it in Shapr3D, and this post is about the only thing I can find about it. Was the feature abandoned?

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No, not yet. We did the Parasolid transition by the time, that took much more time and effort than we expected. It’s still something that we find important, but it’s unlikely that we could ship it this year.

OK, thanks for the reply! I would definitely welcome the feature :slight_smile:


So when creating model with discrete complex components, is there some alternative…? “Layers” maybe? Just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly. Thanks.

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What is the current position of this implementation?

We postponed it for now. We still think it’s important, but we don’t know yet when we will implement it.

I’m new to Shapr3D, and like very much so far, but I really hope there will be a function like components soon.

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You can have pseudo components now by using folders. When you want to do an operation on a group of objects stored in a folder, select the folder in the sidebar and then perform the operation.

Any new updates on component support as of yet? This, coupled with non-uniform scaling which I’ve read is coming in the second quarter of 2022 should make architectural modelling way more streamlined.


any news on that?

really, I don’t use Shap3D anymore just for that reason…

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We don’t have components yet, but patterns&arrays are coming soon, and the elements of an array will behave like instances.


Very nice to hear!

Can’t wait, I really love the modeling on shap3d

Wow, is this something only small amount of people require? I wonder what’s the problem.

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I too would like to throw my hat in on having some pre-defined shapes to work with.

In case it helps at all, this is the single reason why I just paid $450 for a full license of Fusion 360. Id MUCH rather use Shapr3D but without instances it’s a complete no-go.

Once it comes out I’ll likely make the switch back here. Sucks not being able to use fusion 360 on the iPad.

Do you need instances or patterns or a complete design history?

This feature is also a big deal for me. For example, I design a lot of complicated assemblies where some piece of the design that will be manufactured is used many times. Often during development changes will be made to the specifications for those parts. So, the way this works in SketchUp is when one edits an instance of a component they are all highlighted and a change to one changes them all since they are all simply instances of a single component. This is a huge time saver in complex designs, along with eliminating a major source of error in trying to keep different instances in synch. (For OO software folks, this will all sound familiar :slight_smile: .) Then there are cases when you want to make a special version or decide you will need two versions, and SketchUp allows you to select one and make that instance a distinct new component (a copy of the original component) which can be edited separately from the rest and itself deployed over and over again in the design.

Think of a table and making all the legs the same component. Then changing the height of the table means only editing one component instead of 4 items. Without this capability some of my designs are incredibly difficult to develop and maintain.

Otherwise Shapr3d is great for me whereas SketchUp is really not suitable for mechanical CAD.


Very useful feedback, thank you. Probably we’d implement this as part of an Assembly feature - in the current modeling context it would be hard to fit in.