Shapr3d crashes after trying to export geometry

Hello everyone, I am actually working on a machine with around 1050 elements. So far so good, but I dont know why bu the app keeps closing after ttrying to export the file. Coud anyone give a help:?

To which format are you trying to export? iPad or mac?

Hey, thanks for the fast reply.
I made my model at my iPad and currently trying to export it as step/stp. It starts to load the file but it wont finish the loading and the app crashes. The file is about 200mb. I tried once to import a file with the same size and the app didn’t work.

If you could help me I would love it, I need to make the simulations on the model asap

I also tried to change the advanced options to see if anything changes my the app keeps closing. (btw the file has about 1050 elements)

Can you try to export it with the mac app? Or can you by any chance export to x_t instead of step?

Yes indeed I could extract the x_t and shapr format, but my software just open the step :frowning:


Which app version are you using? We had a bug related to step/iges export, but it was fixed in 4.1.4.

Also, what is the device model you are using?

Currently 4.1.4 (116) #8690a826. Using at an iPad 7

It’s likely that the device runs out of memory during the export(as it only has 3 gigs, thats probably also why the import fails too), but if you contact and send the x_t file to the guys will probably be able to help and send you the step version.

Also, if you can try it with the mac app, macs have more memory, so that can help too.

Unfortunately I don’t have acces to a mac, but I’ll be sending an email right away to the support so they can help me getting my file

The support said they could only help me on monday :frowning: Could you help me to change my file to step?

Sure. Can you send me your file to and I will take a look in a few hours.

Heyyy sure I will, just a moment

Hey I just sent you the file

I am sending back to you the exported .step file right now. The issue was indeed the memory use. It took 3GB of memory to export it, unfortunately most iPads have less than 4GB total. In such cases it makes sense to try to export on a mac (or Windows) machine.