Shapr3D & Files

When I save a Workspace file on my iPad, it seems to end up in a Folder titled Notability (an app that I have used for years. In Files I can set up a Shapr folder as a sub-folder to Notability but I would like a Shapr top level folder.

Googling around, it seems that the App has to set up this folder? It seems that the Apple apps have done this, see Ss.

Can you provide some insights on this please?




Hi, sorry for the late response! In case it is still an issue:

If you open the Files app in iOS 11, choose iCloud and scroll down, you’ll see this:
Tap on that button to make a new folder.

Full support for drag&drop and Files will definitely come to the app, we were just swamped with the 3.0 release last year :slight_smile:

Thanks Tamas, I was able to do as you suggested. But this is not what I wanted/asked to do. I wanted this On My iPad and it seem to me that only Shapr (the app itself) can create this folder. This is based on my use of Notability for many years. I suspect that a recent update set up the folder. I certainly didn’t.

I want to do this because I use Shapr3D often when I have no access to the Cloud.

Please advise if there is something that I can do? Thanks


I see. You’re right that having a Shapr folder in On my iPad is something we have to implement. Though until then it’s just fine to put it in the iCloud folder, you can access those files even if you’re offline if you have ever used/downloaded them. A nice alternative to this is Documents by Readdle, a really good file manager app that’s compatible with Files.

Hopefully you will be able to implement this in your next major update? When I first brought this up in January, only Apple apps and Notability had this implemented (see SS above in thread). Now I notice the Microsoft apps also now support this.


Get this done and you will be running with the big dogs!



What is the size limit of the file I can load? I’m trying to put a 244 MB file(.step), but the application does not load it.


Well, 244mb is unusually big. If you can get the same model in parasolid format (x_t), then go with it, otherwise it will take a lot of time to convert the data. But it will finish after a while anyway, but loading such a big step file would take a lot of time in any CAD system.

Unfortunately, the file I have is received by a 3D scanner and has an extension stl. Its size is about 320 MB. After a lot of experiments with different CAD software, I managed to turn it into step, but the file size was not able to reduce enough.

Well, unfortunatey that won’t work well anyway. But we do have STL import on the roadmap, but we don’t have an ETA for it.

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