Why cant we use finder?

I really enjoy using Shapr3D, but the file management process is driving me crazy. Is it planned that we can just use finder some day. I would like to just save my .shapr fles directly to my iCloud and then I could open it on my iPad do some editing then save it. Then its already synced, I can move to my MacBook do some more work. Finder has built in functions like search, folders, move, copy, delete and many more. The current way of handling files it quite awful to be honest. I really hope this will be improved.

EDIT: By Finder, I mean the files app on iPad as well. Just click open, and it brings up a files app dialog.

Yeah! Something like this. I was wondering why this workflow isn’t supported and why they have to build a whole file sync system. Maybe support some kind of versioning too within the file format so like as we save a .shapr file, it’ll actually save to like a .01.shapr or something like this.