Shapr3D + Procreate 3D coloring

For sure - it will be announced here on the forum in the coming days!


Will materials be used in USDZ export/preview?

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Second that….

There is litle to no option out there for this on the ipad.
Jig space does have that option. But that is 60usd a month if your files are over 30MB. Also the UX and UI is far inferior to shapr3d and Cadmio. Also the materials is not that good.

  • Vectary is an online tool that can do it, but again not optimal for ipad.
  • Sketchfab also have the ability, but again not that good on the ipad.
  • Procreate has some UV mapping issues and there is no way to make glass . Procreate is also quite manually compared to something like Cadmio. You can edit the UV mapping in Nomad Sculpt. And there is another dedicated mapping tool app soon to be in beta now called CozyBlanket

I do wish Cadmio could deliver USDZ export. Because of their amazing and realistic materials. But if Shapr3D can rival the materials and even get the export thing down, nothing is better . A big advantage is that you can still edit the model itself in shapr3D withouth having to redoo the materials. Like you would have to do when jumping between Shapr3d and Cadmio.

Not in the first release, but we are planning to add this function in the future.


Beta is live :slight_smile:


This is exciting. I’ve been using Fusion360 for rendered USDZ previews so far.

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