Procreate 5.2 and files from SHapr3d

Any Procreate 5.2 beta testers here? Or even employees of shapr3d who is testing it out,

I am struggling a bit
USDZ export to Procreate 5.2 says the procreate USDZ missing UVs and is not supportet.

OBJ is possible to export to Procreate 5.2 but trying to paint it gives funky result.

Is this procreate´s fault or is the Shapr3d files?

It’s deffinitly looks like a UV mapping issue.

Does shapr3d add UV mapping to USDZ and OBJ when exporting?

Hi Christian,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Currently we do not add UV mapping to our export.
May I ask what are your plans with the design after importing it to Procreate?

It’s to get a more realistic AUgmented Reality…

The AR feature in shapr3d is awsome, but procreate brings it to a new level :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply. Meanwhile we are looking into adding UV mapping to the USDZ format. Can you help us in the process by telling me a little bit more about the funky result you got with obj? What steps do you take in procreate? Have you tried it with other other designs?

Usdz wouldn’t import into procreate because of lack of UV mapping… So adding UV mapping to USDZ would probably fix this

Here is another OBJ from shapr3d I tried to just brush over…Basically I just try to paint over it with the brush. But it doesn’t stick to some places.

Trying to do the same and having similar problem. Missing uv.

Want to bring designs into Procreate to add textures and colors to make them realistic.

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I’m having the same issues importing an obj file into Procreate. In my case I’m going to draw designs on the objects… anyway I made a simple cylinder in Shapr3D and exported to Procreate and coloring and drawing gets very funky :slight_smile:

So if Shapr3D does not support UV wrapping, what would be the best way to add UV wrapping on a object made in Shapr3D. iPad Pro or Mac… :slight_smile:

This is the weird behavior:

We are investigating this issue.


A fix or a UV mapping wrapping inside Shapr3D would be absolutely awesome, especially now when Procreate are getting closer to release their 3D drawing… Absolutely love how Shapr3D works on the iPad compared to the other 3D apps I have tried… think you would have a big advantage with this :slight_smile:

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This is why I love shapr3d :slight_smile:

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I have the same problem. I am constructing architectural projects and I am trying to colorize architectural objects on an OBJ file with full and valid version of PROCREATE 5.2. NO CHANCE TO DO IT AT PRESENT. Very sad!!!

Unfortunately the issue is in Procreate. We are in touch with them, the same issue is present with every CAD system, because Procreate does not remap the UV coordinates properly that’d be necessary for this use case. Other apps like Forger do it properly.
Please report this issue to procreate, it should be relatively straightforward for them to fix it.

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Thanks a lot for your immediate replay. I see I have to contact PROCREATE!


Peter Fries

Istvan could you explain “Procreate does not remap the UV coordinates”? It doesn’t make any sense, you either have UVs or you don’t.

Creating the UVs was always part of the modelling process and the modelling software’s job. I find it shocking you are not familiar with such basic concepts. Texturing needs UVs. Procreate is a painting/texturing tool, and it worked perfectly every time on my iPad with a lot of models from various softwares.

Blaming the texturing tool for not having UVs is like saying an engine without petrol is broken, since it doesn’t run.

3D CAD systems like Shapr3D are not mesh modelers, but boundary representation modelers. Due to the surface based representation of the 3D geometry, every surface has it’s own parametrization, which is the natural parametrization of the surface’s mathematical representation. Because of this, between faces there are overlapping UV regions, UV coordinates are not unique per triangle after the tessellation, and they are not normalized to a [0,1] domain. This is due to the underlying mathematical representation of CAD systems, it works like this in every CAD.
There are techniques that make it possible to automatically remap UV coords on a tessellated body, this is what most sophisticated painting apps do, like Forger that I linked. This is what Procreate should do as well, otherwise it won’t work with any CAD system.

Ps.: obviously we could also run this algorithm, and if they are not open to fix it, we will do it eventually, but unless they fix it, Procreate will have the same issue with every 3D CAD system.

Thanks for the explanation.

However, what you wrote is just the problem you have with fixing UVs derived from the brep data. I just don’t see how is that Procreate’s issue as a painting app, if you give it false input?

Both blender and keyshot has to unwrap the 3D models coming from CAD programs…

If I’m not mistaken. Neither Solidworks, Fusion 360 or Autocad has UV mapping without an add on?
Honestly I haven’t checked. But I see people have issues with revit models in Blender.

Yes, they don’t.

Sure, we could also implement UV mapping in Shapr3D, but we had no use case for it until now, partially because every rendering and painting software does this automatically, except Procreate. However considering that this issue is present with every other CAD, I believe it would make a lot of sense if Procreate would implement this.