UV Map export support

I noted Shapr3D does not export with UV maps so many paint programs are unable to work with my Shapr3D models.
Is UV map export on the roadmap.
I use Zbrush and procreate

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Definitely something I’d love to have as well as I don’t like the hassle of exporting to another program do the UV and then into Procreate.

So very highly requested from here :slight_smile:

I’ve been tinkering with this on iPad. Here’s what I’ve found.

  • If you export an obj from Shapr you can open it in either Forger Classic or Nomad Sculpt.
  • Nomad Sculpt is good for remeshing an object into quads using Voxel Remesh.
  • Forger Classic is able to generate UVs which you will need if you want to paint the object in Procreate.

Here are the issues that cause you to need to use all four apps (Shapr3D to Nomad Sculpt to Forger Classic to Procreate) each app does a different task.

  • Shapr3D is where I start with my hard-surface modeling. That’s what it really excels at. But it has no options for mesh or tinkering with verticies (at least on iPad) and you can really only export to other apps using a .obj.
  • Once in Nomad Sculpt you can do a high-quality Voxel remesh but it will cause lumpiness along your curves. It’s by no means a proper quadify remesh. Nomad Sculpt also does not have the ability to generate UVs. You’ll need to do that with Forger Classic.
  • Forger Classic can also do voxel remeshing but it’s uglier. You can import your .obj directly from Shapr but the normals will be all screwy and many subtle transitions from plane to plane will be lost. For this reason I use Forger exclusively to generate UVs. Although, they won’t be very high resolution.
  • From Forger you can paint your model in Procreate. So far this seems to work well. The results from Procreate are very nice but I am stymied by the small UV texture output by Forger.

I’ve only had a day tinkering with this stuff so perhaps new pipelines will come to light.

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Thx, I did not think about that. I have forger. I will give it a go.

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Just learned of a great tool!

If you have a MacBook/Mac look up ‘Instant Mesh’. It’s a very powerful remeshing tool for .obj files that allows you to control very detailed parameters of the mesh before retopologizing.

Then use Blender to generate UVs. FAR better results that the iPad-only pipeline.

Hi @Geahk I just downloaded Nomad Sculpt and Forger Classic on the iPad.

I took a very simple cylinder shape file created in Shapr3D and inported to Nomad Sculpt and I did a remesh (I think, I was following a YouTube turtorial) then exported the obj file.

But when I´m trying to import it to Forger Classic I do this:

  1. Import 3D model
  2. Chooseing the file with the remesh.
  3. “Imprting for texturing” when it ask what context I would like to import for.
  4. Choosing one of the two resulitions 1024 or 2048 (sme with both)
  5. Then it says Error loading file, No geometry data.

Is there something I´m doing wrong when exporting from Nomad Sculpt? Some options to cross? :slight_smile: Would you be expreamly kind to write a little more detailed process if so? :slight_smile:

(6.) When trying to import the file I made in Shapr3D before doing remesh following the same steps I get this error message in Forger Classic: Error loading file, Error loading the mesh, check that the mesh is valid, the size isnt too tiny or huge or if it has multi overlapping UDIMs.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

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Try importing into Nomad for sculpting. I think Nomad is looking for UVs when it says “no geometry data” because you selected “for texturing”. Shapr3D doesn’t export that data.