Scale tools needs a rework

In this video you can see I have a very complicated shape. It needs to be sized up to 10mm. The problem is there is no way I am aware to do this accurately with the current scale tool. There is now way to tell what anything is. Percentages really don’t translate well.

If I could select two edges and as I scaled it you would see them changing in real time that would be great. Currently it’s trying to dial it in which might take forever. If I wanted my workflow to be that involved I would just select the edge of every triangle and the opposite face and drag it but I shouldn’t have to. That scale tool needs to be better and more useful, especially for the asking price. Free programs like tinker and have a far superior scaling ability currently.

So unless I am missing something, I am currently very frustrated with the scale tool.

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I agree.

One should be able to scale the model by chosing a line on the model and type in the messurement.
Same goes for image import


Hello Shapr3D team. Please help! :pray: :+1: