Shapr3D team needs your feedback on the upcoming groups feature

Currently we have two UI concepts for the upcoming groups feature, and we would like to have your feedback on it.

This one is straightforward, but cluttered.

This one is much cleaner, but the discoverability of the features is lower. Many people don’t realize that they can swipe on table views.

What do you guys think?

(Ps.: we are already completed the backend, we are just tweaking the UI :))

A tough one. I can see your points on both. I think I like the second one a little better, perhaps with a note about swiping to continue or for additional info.

Yepp, if we go with the second one, we would do the facebook style bumping until the user doesn’t discover it.

I agree it’s a tough one. At first I liked the first version, having all the actions to choose from. Then my thinking was what would I do most often? In other apps it is mostly hide and show, renaming, deleting not so much.
Therefore I would go with the second one and keep the clean look, something I think Shapr does so well. A tutorial, the bumping, and like other actions, use would take care of the discoverability issue. I think the need to swipe would become intuitive after a few uses.

Both options are good. However my vote is for version 2 with video as was suggested and clear symbol that indicates more >> many users are already used to swiping in procreate and other apps. It will become second nature very shortly.
Will there be a group? layer color change also?

I like the second version better. Even if you need some little videos, but it is much cleaner and fits in better to the rest of the UI.

2nd for sure! agree with some videos or making it a splash screen when you download the new version for the first time.

Allright. It will be the 2nd one. It seems to be quite obvious now that it is the good choice.