Shapr4D Orange Dot, Name & Beta Remain

From a prior message, I inferred that subj would transform to Shapr3D. Backed up my spaces and wondering if this is updating at all? How can I tell? Thanks

Hi- we already have the 3.0 out.

But Before that we had sent out a beta to Shapr3D, did you get those invitations?

Yes I was on Beta program and also paid for subscription…

You should download the latest version of the app from here:

Done; thanks. But I DLd 3.1 yet the About still shows 3.0? Normal?

The most up to the date live version is 3.0. That’s the one in the App Store.

Version 3.0.1 is in beta, it will go live shortly.

Ok I think 3.1 may be your average Stars rating; sorry. But I gave you all 5 stars.