"Shapr3D Beta Beta" Beta is expired

I’m trying to use Shapr3D on an old iPad that I haven’t used in a while. It has iPad OS 15.5, and I freshly installed Shapr3D after the error message shown in my subject. It continues to show the error-message when attempting to login, and then stops working with the authentication dialog black and super-imposed on the application in the background.

I used to be signed up for the Beta, but that was 2 or so years ago.

Any hint on to what’s going on here?


Beta builds installed from Testflight expire in 90 days.

You can always use the release version, downloaded from Appstore.

But that’s the version I am (at least to my understanding) using. I freshly downloaded Shapr3D from the app-store (after thinking I had a lingering beta lying around). So I don’t think it is that.

Very strange, could you open a ticket at https://support.shapr3d.com/hc/en-us/requests/new with some screenshots attached?