How to tell which version I am running?

Am a shinny wet newbie to Shape3D and have subscribed to the Pro version. But I tried out the basic version first and think I might still be running it instead of Pro. The ABOUT menu does not indicate “Pro” but says version 5.22.0 (4095)

Hi Jaf. 5.220 is the latest version.


There is no difference between the apps themselves, only your subscription. You can check that in the Settings page on iPad, and Settings / Account on the other platforms.

Side question: Does the app update automatically, I appear to be on version 5.212?

It does if you have automatic updates enabled, but it takes 7 days for an update to reach everyone who is using automatic updates. It’s controlled by App / Microsoft store. If you download the installers from our website (available for macOS and Windows), you get the option to update at the first app start after an update is available.

But you can go to the Shapr3D page in the Appstore, where you will see an update button, so you can update manually any time.

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