Share dialogue issue following the iOS17 update


Following the ios17 update the export/share dialogue has gone blank. See attached screen grab.



You can find the solution here:

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Thanks Laci.
It finally worked by switching off Siri sharing, restarting the iPad, then turning sharing on again and a second restart. But got there in the end.


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Spoke too soon!

I get one go of the sharing working and then I have to restart the iPad.

My other applications seem to work fine with sharing. It’s just Shapr that seems to be having the problem.

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It’s a native dialogue we have no control over. We call it when you press the button, then what’s shown (or not…) there, is up to the OS. Sadly this bug is in the OS since iOS 13, it seems like it’s not going to be 17 that fixes it.

Personally, I don’t use that option anymore, for other devices, Sync does the job, if I need to export it anyway, I save to Files and either share from there (if it’s not broken too…), or put it in a folder that’s synced with other cloud providers.

First time I’ve come across it. Hopefully something will change and all will be fine again.

I use it all the time to send drawing to Concepts (where I do my main drawings using Shapr drawings as a backdrop to trace over). It is often the case that I can be doing lots of subtle changes to the model that I then send over to Concepts - sometimes every few minutes. So being able to share directly saves a lot of time and hassle.

I hope it fixes itself at some point.

Thanks again for your help.

@WrigleyS when you turned off Siri suggested sharing, and restarted, you said you turned Siri sharing back on again?

In my case, in order for sharing to keep working, you have to leave the Siri suggested setting turned off.

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, that’s what Laci suggested too.

Basically I’ve got it down to, if I change the sharing setting and restart the iPad it works just once and then reverts to the blank share window. It works like that with switching the share settings either on or off, just one chance and then gone. I’ve also noticed that when I get the share window ok, click away (to close the share window) and then reselect ‘share with’ I then get the blank share window again.

Just strange that the share window works fine in all the other apps that I’ve checked with.

Think I’ll have to wait and see if a future iOS/Shapr update kicks it back to life.

Thanks again

also blank for me. in latest version and also beta. 5th get ipad air 17.0.3

new ipad and i didn’t touch or set up siri

Apologies. I should have updated when I found a solution (for me at least).

It works fine when I turn off “show when sharing” not “show suggestions”.

Hope that works for you too.