Export Share to device not working

I normally like to share my design via Airdrop to my MacBook Pro m1. Until recently when I tap share it shows a dialog box that is blank. Nothing there. Normally My MacBook will show up as a shared device. I reported this bug to Apple. But I want to also report this bug here in case Apple did not forward said information.

Thank You

Assuming you are Airdropping from an iPad, shut down the iPad and re-start it.

This could help:

I tried restarting my iPad didn’t help. Sharing used to work perfect. I think it is an iPadOS 17 issue and Shapr3D. Because Airdrop works for other device sharing.

Restarting usually doesn’t solve the problem, but turning off Siri suggestions seem to help.

As I mentioned in another thread, we have no control over what’s in (or isn’t) in this sharing dialogue, it’s fully controlled by the OS.