The share function on ipad is completely out of order

I, as well, had a lot of trouble with the new interface. My biggest dealbreaker is that the share window that i sed on a regular basis is now just a blank window.

This is an iPadOS bug that has been present for years unfortunately. Usually it’s caused by another app (often WhatsApp) being installed on the device. This UI element is out of our control, and the issue is not related to the UI changes.

I deinstalled whatsapp and reset my tablet. The problem remains.

And for your information: i had no such issue with the old user interface.
Not with ipad os or WhatsApp

Hi @Janb95,
On my iPad, I was able to share an AR (.usdz) file by email. I may not be understanding what you are trying to do. If you could list the steps you are taking, and attach screenshots, it would help. Just saying it is completely out of order and a blank screen doesn’t detail your problem.

I would gladly attach a screenshot.

So i discripe it as good as possible.

In the past i could use the export button, choose a data format like stl for 3d printing and hit release on and choose discord or whatsapp and it worked flawless.

The day of the userinterface change and when i tryed to share it it just so happens that when i hit share i get a empty window and i can click everywhere but nothing happens.
I can close that window but i cant share it any longer.

I hope this was of any help to you.

I havent made any updates and i even deinstalled whatsapp and discord but the problem remains.
I even deinstalled and reinstalled shapr3d.

Hi @Janb95,

Your comments and screenshot do help. However, I have not been able to reproduce your problem. Here are a couple things you can try:
Test 1

  • Use export button
  • Choose data format (stl)
  • Choose the Files app and save the file

If that works,

  • Open Files app
  • Select the file you just saved
  • Try to share from there

If that works, you have a “work around.”

Test 2

  • Before you export, isolate a small portion of your design so your STL is <1M, down from 15.5M in your screenshot.
  • Try your normal way of exporting

If test 2 works, then I would suspect an issue of not enough memory. Close all open apps, reopen Shapr and try a bigger export.

Of course, @Istvan could be right about a bug in the OS, and somehow I am not seeing it!

Good luck, I know these types of issues can be frustrating.

This sounds like the same persistent OS bug that has been around caused by the Siri suggested sharing options.

This used to happen to me. I do not have WhatsApp, however I would still have the issue. And it was intermittent.

My fix was turning off the Siri suggested sharing:

Settings>Siri & Search>Show when sharing>OFF

You may need to restart your iPad after.

Although you won’t have the convenience of the suggested sharing, you should be able to share after turning off suggested sharing.