Shapr3d Instally Crashed and cant opened file

please help me,

The shapr3d application can’t open the file I just finished tonight, the file contains more than 1000 3D files.
My account is still not subscribed, does that matter? if not, does this happen often in this app? Is there a way to download the file?

I beg you please help me…

Please contact our support team directly.

Also experiencing this also lately.
When switching from mm to inches while selecting on IPad, causing app to crash. Has happened multiple times and continues to happen. Very frustrating.


We are here to help, please open a support ticket using the link below. In the ticket, let us know the following:

  • The version of Shapr3D you are using
  • The detailed specs of the device (in this case, iPad) you are using

Thanks in advance,

Hey! Thanks for posting your issue. This should get fixed in the next release.