Sheet Metal Bending Feature

Hi, Our team uses sheet metal bending about 75% of the time I would like to increase our productivity by using this application for certain projects. It seems to be missing metal bending, mating, sub assemblies and other things that software such as SolidWorks has, what is the goal and timeline for these types of features. I’d love to make library items that we can use across all main project files. Also is there any plan on making and cleaning up creating isolated sketches while being able to view overlapping sketches and parts?


The team seems to be making slow progress in this area

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Sheet Metal Feature would be a massive Upgrade for Shapr.
Drawing the Parts is not the issue, but unfolding and to get the right DXF / dimensions
@Shapr3D-Team please ad a sheet metal feature :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


This is another topic which on the surface, seems very simple to ask for. However, the bending of sheet metal is more complex than just drawing tools. You must know the K factor of the material, and then, in some cases, the bending equipment of the tools being used by the manufacturer. While I think it would be great to have this feature, there is a material dependency, a material thickness variable, as well as supplier equipment variable. That being said, I use a single supplier for my sheet bending, and use their K factor and radius information to make my own flat sheet metal bending drawings on Shapr3D. Each drawing must be different for each material being used.


I don’t agree. It could be very useful without calculating bend radii. It would be very helpful to be able to set your own material thickness and bend radius outside, inside or centerline as needed. Ideally you could take a flat piece of material, designate it as sheet metal when you apply a sheetmetal tool to it, set material thickness, draw a bend line, and give it bend direction and radius and off you go. It would ideally also allow a part to be unbent or have angle changed.