Sheet Metal Modeling, Flattening

I know Shapr3D doesn’t have a sheet metal modeling feature, but this would be huge. Currently, I use Shapr3D and Onshape for this purpose in conjuction, but would like to ditch the $2k+ price tag of Onshape. Also, when designing 3D models that are bent plate or sheet metal, our radii applied do not translate well to Onshape or other major CAD programs. When I send (.step) files to a laser shop to flatten, they’ll get an error when trying to flatten or there is too much material in the part. Most times, the parts need to be redrawn or modified.

My rule of thumb when designing mild steel, is interior radius matches material thickness and exterior radius is double.

This issue is not experienced when working with 3D tube parts or flat parts, only bent parts.


$2k for sheet metal only is indeed steep. Have you tried Fusion’s sheet metal feature?