Shell then subtractions or Subtractions then Shell?

Ok so Im building a Victorian home. It was a hotel in the 1880s - 1940s in our family. I have two Iso Photos I working from and a hand drawn floor plan. I imported the floor plan to start the process and then made 2 d drawings of each room. Then learned how to do the SHELL tool to make each room which is way cool. The issue Im having now is how to put doors and Windows on a Bay window. (fun 120 degree bends.) Once the Shell is done some windows cut out and others do not. Should I cut out the windows and doors to the thickness I know the walls will be before I hollow out the room with the Shell?

Can you post a screenshot of the problem?


I believe it had something to do with shared edges, and joins. I scratched what I had and started over.

Also how do you get to label groups?

Can you add a non- x y z drawing plane to make roofs at a specific pitch?

You can simply post it here or if it is confidential, just send me an email to

To rename a group, slide the group in the list to the left, and select rename.

Currently you can not create construction planes directly, but soon we will add themat feature. Until then you can select different views from the top right camera menu, and the grid will mive accordingly. Also, double tapping on a face will move the grid in it.