Shift+click select


at some point I wanted to select two edges and set the distance between them. Holding shift while clicking something seems to have a weird side effect however. If I hover my mouse over the line to select, I see it thicken, so I click holding shift and it’s like it selects the object below the edge as well, but makes the selection less blue then if I just normally clicked it. This selection of course doesn’t offer the option to set distance. It’s kinda hard to describe. I would upload a vid so you could see what I mean, but it says new users can’t. I don’t have a problem somehow changing my process to avoid this, but I have no clue what I’m doing wrong.

In the meantime I think I partially figured it out. So the why it doesn’t display distance is because shaper seems to switch between sketching and 3D mode automatically (which is a nice feature). To see the distance one needs to be in sketching mode. Shift clicking one of the lines in my case causes shaper to exit sketching and enter 3D mode (and display the background body blue). I’m not quite sure why this only happens with shift held down, but I guess I don’t care :smiley: This can be worked around by just clicking without shift the line that caused it to exit sketching and then press shift and select the other line.

Here is the video of what I was trying to describe.