I’ve watched a ton of videos but am still at a loss as to how to craft the upper portion of a shoe in shapr3d.

As a shoe is often never symmetrical in any spot it creates a challenge in the 3d realm.

Any ideas are appreciated.

That’s where loft comes in handy.
Loft is a powerful tool and is well suited to your problem:

If you are still at a loss, feel free to throw sketches into the room here.

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I found a related video:

Loft has become much easier now, you don’t need so many cross sections anymore, it can now also be used with several guide curves.


I have watched this so many times. Love it.

Yet how does he / one create the initial set of loft rails. I’m still unsure how to create the set of loft rails I guess with a photo underneath as a guide.

I recommend you watch this video.
There, cross sections and guide curves are created using an image / sketch:

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