Heels and shoes components

Hello I’m new here, I use poweshape on my pc, I’m learning Shapr3D to draw stl when travel.

I tried to draw heels and it’s very complex in my opinion, because have to create a slice pattern to loft. In power shape I can create surfaces more easy with only 3 lines.

In attach a heel sketch

In powershape I only draw the top lines, bottom lines, and 3 side lines to complete the heel.

How can i do here in easy way?


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Hi, instead of redrawing from scratch you can import your previously drawn sketches into the app from Powershape in DXF format.
In the app, you can extrude your sketch and modify the body using the app’s direct modeling fillet and chamfer features to get custom shapes.

Also, feel free to send us sketches via support@shapr3d.com, we would be glad to help edit them.

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If you consider this is approaching anything like you need perhaps Tools > Loft could produce a result:

You can handle existing sections as suggested by. @Victor_Shapr3D or start afresh, this used the bottom Sketch and Transform > Scale variations for the others.

The above is formed by using the sections shown below, with the addition of extruding the lowest section:

The closer together you place the upper 3 sections the tighter the curve will be.
Altering the angles of the sections could also be interesting.
Using your section profiles should work well, as you can see I am not a ‘heel’ guy :sunglasses:

This is the .shapr File:

MyHeel.shapr (160 KB)

it’s a different way to get the result. but i understand.

another proble is the top, in this sketch is flat, i need concave qith a specific radius if you notice in my jpg.

there is a little flat surface (about 1mm) and then the concave surface is down for about 3mm (from 0 rear to 3mm front).

it would be great if there is an option to add point to wiframe and set the position like in attach

2019-12-11 10_06_11-Start

There are several ways that S3D could achieve the objective you require but it is likely that none of them will be the same as you have become used to in other software.
This has somewhat similar detail to your requirement:


You may be able to adapt some of the processes mentioned to achieve the shape needed for the top of the heel.
Then it could be a task for Tools > Subtract to remove the shape from the lofted hell, or Tools > Union to join the shape to the lofted heel.

Please be aware that this is only to give pointers to possible processes.
In this File an Ellipse has been used to form an Oval Body, creating an appropriate Spline Curve would give the exact shape you need. The Spline Curve replacing the Half Ellipse
The Body is then sliced appropriately with a Rectangular Body to enable the removal of the unwanted portion. The remaining portion is hollowed out by Tools > Shell.
Then another Rectangular Body is used to remove the unwanted end of the Oval shape.

Expect a learning curve, someone may jump in with a better alternative.

HollowedShape4MyHeel.shapr (172 KB)