Show 3D model on web page

Does anyone know the best way to put Shapr3D models on a WordPress site.

The common formats seem to be glTF, glb, stl and obj+mtl.
Shapr3D exports STL and Obj (without the materials).

Many thanks

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Is this of any use:

It contains the following:

Plugin AuthorWP Media


1 year, 10 months ago

No it’s not possible to optimize these format. We do support PNG, JPG, GIF and PDF

Have you tried Sketchfab?

You can upload your models to it and embet them on your page.


I’ll keep looking and report back if I succeed.

Thanks for the suggestion. $79 per month is rather a lot for occasional use.

$79 a month is for the companies premium membership.
You can embet with the individual plans too I think. From $0-15 a month.

Thanks Christian, That’s better.

You could also try out AR quicklook from apple .

Lamborgini use it in this page

Here are some resources