I have a lot of cardboard I deal with daily … Amazon has increased that substantially!!! :joy:

Anyhooo I recently thought of an idea / use using mulched cardboard… :crazy_face:

I started doodling my configuration of a shredder for my need on Shapr3D…

I figure it’ll be easier to build a cardboard shredder for myself opposed to purchasing one … I don’t know the first thing about shredders but enjoy the heck out of watching them mulch anything and everything up to trains, tractors and cars!!!

Shredders are really not that complicated to build from what I see … I know the configuration I want the cardboard shapes to be, it’s a matter of tweaking the cutting mechanisms to accomplish the goal…

Rendering: Solidworks

Image Modify: Affinity Photo

I like my oddly looking 3D reference for proposing perspectives but I thought I’d do a perspective with a life like person too … I copied a random image from the internet, and added her in the image :joy:


Cool. You can convert that shredded cardboard to 3D filament if you wish to recycle. :wink:

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Yes!!! Cardboard mulch has an unlimited amount of applications that’s somewhat uncharted? :shushing_face::joy:

Thank you for sharing another of your interesting creations :+1: :sunglasses:

I was listening to a discussion on BBC Radio today, about:

The subject of interest connected with the above was:

…a vast forest of trees constructed entirely from cardboard by Eva Jospin.

Apparently she had moved to a new Studio and did not have enough money to purchase materials, and decided to make use of the packaging boxes as soon as they were emptied.
Perhaps this is worthy of adding to your chart for Reuse of Cardboard, and probably the nearest humans will get to recycling Trees back into ‘trees’?

If we put all politics aside and focused our Energy on Mother Earth can you only imagine as John Lennon eloquently wrote …

Recycling is essential more than ever… :sunglasses:

Nice work! Thanks for sharing…



Thank You Tommy!!!