Migrate from SolidWorks and Inventor to Shapr3D

Hello, my name is Bruno and I’m making a briefing about Shapr3D. I’m employee at a huge enterprise in mechanical products, with factories of manufacturing at the 5 continents.
Actually we use SolidWorks and Inventor to project our parts and assembles, we have a project time of 2 week per product, a product cost around US$ 30000,00 to US$ 500000,00 or more. We have a big responsibility on them.
Well, I’m looking for a new way to design and Shapr3D calls my attention, because it’s looks very simple and fast. So I have some questions to do about the app:
1 - how about the material of the part I can set at a model?
2 - can I measure the weight of a model easily?
3 - can I make a assemble?
4 - can I fill a card of data about the part (like the PDM card)?
I have more questions, but this ones are good for now.
Thank you for your attention.