Simple Demos for 3D Printing

I stumbled upon a set of 15 demos with simple objects designed for 3D Printing. Well done with only music audio. Of note, are parts that fit/slide together like the top on the plastic box and roof of the rectangular bird house.

Go to YouTube and search for Peixet Studios.





I noticed two techniques that seem useful.

The first is to partially overdraw lines to set up dimensions via snapping. This seems possibly better than independent guide lines plus trimming.

The second I don’t understand how he does it? In the Rectangular Bird House demo, the box is drawn and shelled out. Then the roof is drawn from the Top view and it is in the plane of the top of the box. When I try to do this, it ends up down below on the x-y plane? Any explanation appreciated?



I watched a few they are pretty interesting, For those of you who are interested here’s a link to one of his videos:
Our tutorial courses are more in-depth though :stuck_out_tongue: , sorry had to :slight_smile:

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