Request a tutorial!

We are planning to make more high quality tutorials, and we would love to hear what could be interesting for you. Let us know, what kind of tutorials would you like to see in the future.

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Came in email from Oscar.

I want to know how do I make bolts, nuts and gears.

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Came in email from Tim:

A demo of the process of shelling out a part prior to 3d printing. See how to set auto wall thickness etc.

From Haimi:

I need some help / tutorial for the making of:
A. Plastic Bottle with Screw Neck
B. Screw Cap for bottle

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When time permits, a “Locking” tutorial focused on best practices and hints with various examples would be great for beginners.

What fo you mean exactly?

Btw. our entire tutorial/education suite is under revision and redesign, and we will start free webinar sessions from September.

Even though I’ve used 2D drawing (Illustrator) for years, locking/unlocking end points, lines, etc. is something that has not been intuitive for me starting 3D drawing from zero. Actually, I wasn’t even sure what those little locks were for in the beginning (chuckle!) I think that a separate, simple “complete beginners” tutorial showing behaviours of locked and unlocked points, lines etc., perhaps with a few examples showing “if you want to accomplish this, lock/unlock this or these points” might benefit complete beginners to 3D drawing. Of course, I may be a bit of an anomoly or outlier as I’ve noticed that many folks already have some exposure to 3D.

I’m really looking forward to the new tutorials and to Ver. 3. I don’t think you guys ever sleep! Thanks for the great app.

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Working with sketches and 2d constraints requires a different mindset I think, and it can take a little time to get used to it if you never did it before. Especially if you have some preconceptions.

No, we don’t sleep. I tried it once, did not like it, I couldn’t work.


With the new version of the app we will release an entire tutorial library where you’ll be able to filter based on levels and tools. We’ll have one tutorial on locking and unlocking too. A few more weeks to go. :slight_smile:

Here’s a sneak peek:


I am looking to replicate an image of a rock to use as a base in furniture making…