Simple house modelling

how to modell a simple house, with a specific roofangle?
thank you for helping - rono

Take a look at Replace face Tool thread. That may help…

thank you, thats very helpfull, but for me too detailed.
i need simple cubes for urban studies.
i tried modelling a cube in hight of eave, draw a line for the ridge and moved it up. lot of work!
ni rhino and sketchup you can divide an area, and than move the edge up to ridge. thats what i was looking for.
second try is modell half of the house, move edge on one side, so that you get a monopitch roof, mirrow the cube, and boolean both to one cube…
any quicker ideas? rono

Well, you can play around with the Extrude tool and its draft angle on cubes or rectangles for a bit of instant gratification.