Hi community!
I kinda intuitive using Shapr3D and i find it an amazing tool .
I draw a lot of my construction with it .
But i always struggle with creating the hip-rafters .
I still haven’t found a way to position them .
Has someone got a good exercise?
I love Shapr3D and i would love to use it for my work more …


Is there a particular reason you’ve got your rafters (including the hip rafters) notched over the horizontal timber piece rather than up against a traditional ridge board?


I had planned to make a video demonstrating how to position the hip rafters but first asked a simple question which, frustratingly, has been ignored.

I’ve worked for more that 20 years as an injection moulding technician as well as an injection moulding process control technician and maintenance engineer.

More relevant though, I worked for 2 years for a timber engineering company as a roof truss design engineer. As well as using proprietary software for designing engineered roof trusses, I frequently hand designed cut roofs including hipped roof structures hence the question about the ridge board.

I wanted to gain a better understanding of what you were trying to accomplish before spending my time creating a video so that I could give you the best information.

I am currently working on my own project and have little time to devote to others’ questions but I do try my best whenever I have the opportunity.

May be at first you should draw the shape of the roof ( saddle roof). In this case you can use the edges to sweep the hip rafters.
Second , use the plans to draw the another rafters , with replaceface tools to the sides of hiprafters… may be.

I’m interested in the topic, I’ll try to draw it later.


Here is a short vid, looks work:

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Thank you so much for the Vid !!!
I’m not so familiar with the commands u used … could you do a little step by step description?
Sorry if i ask a lot of your time .

At first made the body from a rectangular with the extrude tool.
Angeled the sides with move/rotate tool(pull the vario to the edges)
Made the plane with “cunstrucion plane tool” (perpendictual Edge at point)
Draw the section, on it and use the sweep tool to make the hip-rafter

The another rafter was drawn ,
By construction plane : trough the at angle

Draw the section, and also use the seep tool to make the rafter.
Then use the move/ rotate tool( use the copy).
With the “split body” tool made the exact rafters ( select the body , select the another rafter sides), delet the longar part.

May be use vid slow, and can be seen also

Again ,thank you so much .
I will try all later this evening …

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Hey welshsteve ,
I guess the positioning of the rafters on the roof beam is the traditional way to do it in Switzerland and Germany .
With the bird’s mouth notch the force it’s going vertically.

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Aha. Thanks. I was just curious.

In any case , the video posted above is a perfectly viable way to ‘cut’ the Jack rafters to length.
A plane is positioned coincidence to the face of the hip rafter. Jack rafters are extended past the hip rafter and the plane is used in conjunction with the ‘split body’ tool to cut the Jack rafters to length.