Simple question about changing dimensions on a rectangle

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious as a brand new user. But surprisingly there’s very little information beyond the super obvious that I can find about the draw rectangle tool. What I would like to do is draw the rectangle using the Rectangle(diagonal) tool. Then I’d like to change the dimensions to specific values. I can draw the initial shape. I can also successfully change the first dimension. But when I choose the other dimension (that is clearly drawn between two opposing faces); any change I make suddenly assumes that’s a diagonal dimension and tweaks my rectangle into whatever bizarre polygon that now fits the new diagonal dimension. Bizarre behavior and UI, but I assume there’s a way to do this? Thanks in advance.

I’ve had this too but forgot to mention it here. I agree, you might reasonably assume that having drawn a rectangle with the rectangle tool that the parallel sides constraint would have been automatically invoked, avoiding the problem you describe.

Aha! That gives me just enough information to realize the solution. I can add the parallel sides constraints and then change the dimensions. Or I can turn on “Auto Constraints” so parallel sides constraints are automatically created and then change the dimensions. Easy once we have enough info! Thanks!