Simple question, how to bisect a circle?

Can’t seem to figure this out. Thanks

Me either…
What is your question? :flushed:

Hi, in the title, how to bisect a circle?

Thanks Mike but my object does not sit neatly on the guidelines. I’m actually trying to split an entity which has a circle on the top. I need to place a plane on the midline of the circle to bisect it so I can split the larger entity.

Ah, sorry. I read so many of these, I never look at the title.

Can you create a plane, and then reposition it precisely half way through? i.e.: measure the distance first, then create the plane. Move it to that dimension, then split it.

My challenge/knowledge gap is getting a plane even perpendicular to the circumference of the circle. Oddly I’ve been unable to even select the center point of the circle and not sure if that is because the sketch is no longer a true circle (it has cutouts along the circumference.)

Here is my entity

<img width=“685” height=“457” style=“width:7.1354in;height:4.7604in” id=“Picture_x0020_2” src=“//” alt="Shape, circle

Description automatically generated">

Note that my cylinder is at an angle and not at the XYZ center. I show two things here- bisecting a circle with a line and create a construction plane perpendicular to the centerline of the cylinder. Hope this helps.

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Hi @TigerMike, I finally got back to this project and your video helped tremendously. I don’t know why the other options were failing for me but the key was the offset construction plane. That was the one that I got in the right place and was able to split the bodies. Thank you