Simultaneous login isn't working on pc and ipad

I can’t seem to submit to the same account via pc and/or ipad. Logins on both devices work, but do not offer the same accountdrawings?

Hey! We currently don’t sync designs automatically between devices, so you won’t automatically see the same ones when you log in on a new device. The feature is coming real soon though – it’s already out for closed beta testing and we hope to roll it out to everyone before the end of the year.

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So I’m just a bit to soon. Thnx for your answer.

I wouldn’t say you are too soon :slight_smile: The design files themselves are fully compatible between platforms, so you could always export .shapr files on one platform, put them on Google Drive/iCloud/Dropbox/OneDrive/etc and import it on the other platform. It’s a bit of a hassle (that’s the reason we working on automatic syncing), but it’s perfectly doable.