How to contact support?

I am enjoying the product, and would like to continue with it, a few issues or question

1 - why is there no way to contact support in the app, a bit lame to only have the forums. Having the forums in the app is great, but no way to contact support is concerning.

2 - unlike other iPad apps I can easily use it between my office iPad an my home iPad. I have 2 pros and would like to use the app on both. Issues;
2.a requires complex log in. I understand licensing and the need to have only one active device, but not very friendly
2.b files are not stored on a cloud, so I can not pick up a design started at work and complete at home.

Is there any movement on these?

I would like to know before I need to cancel the membership.

Thank You

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I store all the files in iCloud, perhaps you haven’t turned the feature on?

Totally agree on the support issue.

As for the single app device lock, maybe reasonable a few years in the future when the price and features meet up.

Hi @KevinCossaboon, you can contact support anytime at

This is great feedback, thanks. iCloud sync wouldn’t really solve this issue, because it would lead to all sort of conflicts and lost data in many cases, but implementing something more sophisticated is something that we would consider in the future.

How could we make the login flow more convenient?

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Emailing support, but still feel it is lame not to have that in the App

I will look for the ability to save data on the cloud, missed it.

In the email to support, is the request for a quick log in for devices, so I can move easily between, I am ‘ok’ with only one device active, I can not see a situation that I would have two devices each with a drawing open (corner case at best), but what a pain if you use complex passwords to log in and out.

Were is the setting to have all designs on a cloud service?

Files app on your device. Been there quite some time, several iOS and OS X versions as of now. On OS X, in Finder look for iCloud on left side of window.

Go to settings:


-on your name


  • slide the S3D button
  • manage storage
  • backups
  • choose your ipad
  • slide the S3D button, here can check the full size saved data

My name? My email??? Does not seem to do anything?

Went to settings above is what I see, my name is not there??

Once again, very confusing.

Main screen of your iPad, look for the gear icon (Settings), then follow the above instructions.

sorry , if it was not clear, Ipad settings …

First the Setting was a complete brain fart on my part. Thought of the iPad settings in the middle of the night, sorry about that one.

Ok both iPad Pro are set (were already) to what you suggest, and I have a different set of drawing on one verse the other?

Please do not tell me I need to import EACH drawing? I was hoping like most iPad apps that I would have access to the drawing on each.

Once again, all green sliders are on in iPad Settings iCloud.

Is there anywhere to tell Shapr3d to use iCloud as the filestore?

Now, I have set iCloud on for Shapr3d on both iPad Pro,

Thank You @Daniel_Shapr3D I can now upload. Attached are the views from each iPad.

What I am going to try is to delete the app and reinstall, go through the login and see if it then uses the other iPad’s data?

Down to last day of the trial.

Please try to upload again - upgraded your Trust level (it’s an anti-spam measure).

Deleted the app, readded it, and all the sliders are green, and I do not see the designs on the new iPad…

Does anyone have this working?

Hi Kevin,

sorry for the late official response regarding this. I just run through the thread and I can confirm that this is not an option we currently have. We are aware of this, and made a note about your request.

In the meantime, please back up your files manually, one-by-one to your chosen cloud platform.

For only one ipad it works what i listed.
Two times my ipad was broken down ( i can not turned on) and the service replaced it, the backups worked.
One year ago i moved to my current 3rd gen 12,9 and everything was set from the backup.
But what you need is the syncronisation, the official answer above.

Yes, that is a back up, and backups are different than storing on a cloud.

Each iPad has it’s own backup (different sizes) on the cloud, so I have two apps each crateing a backup, but can not share files.

Today is the end of the trial, and I email support 4 days ago and no reply

Hi Kevin, we didn’t receive any request from the email address you are signed up with.

Please resend the request directly to me at and I will get back to you ASAP.

Resent to the victor ID, did not know support was sensitive to the email registered. It probably came with a verse as Apple uses both, or the gmail one of

The email and this is the same.

I have two iPad Pros, and I am willing to do the log in and out as I switch (though would be cool to do it in the background) but I need access to all the same drawings. I want to work on one in the evening on the iPad at home, then if I get a free moment at work, work on the same file.

Previous helps here are great for backups, and each iPad is backing up to iCloud, BUT they each have their own back up. Nature of picking the iPad before looking at what is being backed up, it is the back up for THAT iPad.

Will there be a feature to store the files on a cloud drive not the internal file structure of the iPad?

The application is great, and as a hobby it is on the higher side of cost. This is a must feature for me. I was hoping to get an answer before the 18th as I am in the 14 day trial (Which is very much appreciated).

Willing to subscribe if it is a roadmap item, if not, I need to cancel and check out other solutions.

Thank You

Thanks for forwarding the email as requested.

I responded to your email and feel free to get back to me by replying to my email if you have further questions.